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When the Vinoy II is built it will look like this.  I hated to move but this is will great trade for the St. Kitts.  Check out the St. Kitts page.

Floor plan for my new house. 2020 square feet. Four bedrooms, 2 bath and 2 car garage.  The floor plan is reversed compared to the above photo.  If I can find some extra money I might put a small pool in the back.

Things are just getting started. Jan 25th

Jan 28th, the foundation has been poured.  Step by Step.

January 31st. The cement blocks are being delivered.

January 31st. And the block are place on the foundation.

February 1st.  And the block and in place.  Its starting to look good.

February 7th. The inside studs are on the ground.  The cement needs to be poured yet down the cement blocks.  It gives the wall and roof extra strength.  Sometimes the wind gets a little high down here.

February 7th. Heres the view out the Master Bedroom window.  I haven't put up the blinds up yet.

February 12th - the Trusses have been delivered!!! Yes.  They start putting them up Tuesday Feb 15th...  The Ides of February.

February 15th We have WINDOWS

February 16th. Now the roof is almost up... Yeah! :)

Stud work February 22nd

More Stud work, February 23rd.

MODEL HOME Master Bedroom on the left.

AND, the Master Bedroom on the right. (MODEL HOME)

MODEL HOME... a shot at the Kitchen.

MODEL HOME... This is the Sitting Room...  Whats a Sitting Room???

MODEL HOME... Dinning Room (Bad angle, its really bigger)

The next three pics are of the stud work.

The wiring has since been done.

Soon the sheet rock will be put up.  3/1/05

Front View ... Almost Done!!!

Back View.  Left side is Window to Master Bedroom.  Center Slider is Living Room and Right side is Breakfast Nook and into the Kitchen.

2nd Bathroom.

We all have to learn to share.

View from front (1st)bedroom.

2nd Bedroom

Hall way to 3rd Bedroom.  On the right is Laundry Room.

3rd Bedroom (wired to be an office)

View from Dinning Room through the Living Room to the backyard.

Kitchen view from the Master Bedroom.

Another view of the Kitchen.

View of Master Bedroom from the Master Bathroom.

Master Bathroom.  Two walk-in closet - one on the right and one on the left.

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