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Left to Right from the Top:  Jana Mitchell, Louise Stapleton, Annette Martz, Michele Kruty, Laurie Bigalke, Suzy Wilkosz, (Second row) Lynette Munson, Kelly Minster, Hope Sonnenberg, Michelle Garrish, Jodie Heiss, (Bottom row) Heather Hogan, Wendy Kaap, Forrie Soverigen, and Lori Lindeman.


The core of 1982 Team was comprised of nine very dedicated young ladies.  Senior Captains, Heather Hogan, Lori Lindeman and Louise Stapleton, Juniors Miclele Kruty, Lynette Munson and Wendy Kaap. Sophomores Jana Mitchell and Forrie Sovereign.  Exceptional leadership with was provided by the seniors.  Every player had a role with the team’s success coming first.  Heather and Louise gave the team leadership and ball handling from the guard position.  Louise would always guard the best guard on the other team and successfully met every challenge. At the forward positions, Kruty and Lynette not only gave size and rebounding but both could score inside and out.  Lori was in charge of the inside and was given the defensive assignment of the best frontcourt player for the other team.  She was always in control and also met every challenge.  Forrie gave us depth at the guard position, scoring ability with leadership qualities.  Jana gave us another tough in your face defender at any position.  Annette gave us another inside power player that played great defense and scored on the put backs.  Wendy Kaap gave extra depth in the frontcourt even though her knee injury limited her availability.  We had an exceptional team, very talented, great balance and size, outstanding depth and championship leadership.  They all were very coachable with the desire and determination to win.  They were high in team concept and low in ego…the team came first.  The Staff that assisted me was comprised of, Tammy Jones (assisted at Varsity and Junior Varsity levels), Jerry Brown (assistant Varsity and Junior Varsity Coach) and Jim Anderson as the Freshman Coach.  Managers were Ellie Hogan and Shelly Schultz, both to be future All-State Players also Dawn Greve and Danny Howells.  Several people helped video the games, mostly by Elaine.  Pete Nezki provided radio coverage, including the State Finals.  Newspaper coverage was provided by the Manistee News Advocate with articles written by Greg Gielczyk.  The Key scouting report on Okemos was done by Rick Koester.

Highest Individual Awards:

Heather Hogan – Honorable Mention All-American USA Today Newspaper, Prep Player of Week (State Finals) Detroit Free Press and the Detroit News. First Team All-State Detroit Free Press and Associated Press.  All-Michigan United Press Internationsl.  Second Team Detroit News. Academic All-State. All-Region and 1983 All-Star Team, BCAM.  All-Area First Team and Co-MVP, Manistee News Advocate.  All-Area First Team, TV 7/4.

Louise Stapleton – First Team All-State Detroit News.  Second Team, UPI. Third Team, Detroit Free Press.  All-State Honorable Mention, Associated Press.  All-Region and Academic All-State and nominated for the All-Star Team, BCAM.  All-Area First Team and Co-MVP, Manistee News Advocate.

Lori Lindeman – Second Team All-State, UPI. All-State Honorable Mention, Detroit Free Press and Detroit News.  All-Area First Team, Manistee News Advocate.  Nominated for All-Star Team, BCAM.  Weekly Player of the Week, Detroit Free Press.

Michele Kruty – All-State First Team, UPI.  Fifth Team All-State Detroit Free Press.  All-State Honorable Mention, Detroit News.  All-Area First Team, Manistee News Advocate.

Lynette Munson – All State Honorable Mention, Detroit Free Press, Detroit News and UPI.  All-Area First Team, Manistee News Advocate.

Note: As Seniors, Michele Kruty was the 1993 Miss Basketball and High School All-American, Lynette Munson was “Prep American” in Basketball, Volleyball and Track.

Coach Munro - State Coach of the Year by the Detroit News.  Class B Coach of the Year UPI.  Class B Coach of the year, Regional Coach of the Year, and Coach of the West All-Star Team, BCAM.  Area Coach of the Year, Manistee News Advocate.  Following year Overall Coach of the Year, BCAM.


Louise Stapleton making a statement vs Fenton in the 1982 State Finals.


Fenton was blue-collar hard working defensive team, coached by Hall Fame Coach, LeRoy Decker.  They were 27-0 because their defense.  They didn’t have much size and only one star player, Two-time First Team All-Stater in Maria Reynolds.  She was 5’8”, quick as fox and could handle the ball anywhere.  We were told we would win the Championship after the Okemos game but the team knew that Fenton had beaten perennial powers Livonia Ladywood and St. Joseph...Fenton earned their way.  Nobody goes twenty-seven straight and not be tough.

The player match ups were quite simple except for Louise Stapleton.  She was to control Maria Reynolds.  Heather would take the other guard, Lynette a forward, Lori the second tallest and Kruty to take a forward or center.

Defensive plan for Fenton boiled down to Louise not letting Reynolds handle the ball at all cost – total deny.  Louise was awesome throughout the game.  Reynolds scored only 8 points, the last four when the game was out of reach and we let her go so not to stop the clock.  Fenton ran some great picks and backdoor plays early so we had Kruty to sag in the middle and not leave the lane and pick up anybody coming through.  She was a intimating defensive force for us inside all night long.  With Louise’s excellent defense on Reynolds and the back door now shut, made Fenton a perimeter team. 

Offensively we had to beat their full court man-to-man pressure.  That meant Heather and Louise would have to be at their best on that night.  Therefore Kruty, Lori and Lynette had to keep spacing and be in a position for pressure release.  Our first full court position resulted in a ten second backcourt violation.  It didn’t happen again as Heather and Louise time and again broke their full court harassment.  Fenton lived on full court pressure to win their games but Heather and Louise were more than up for the task.  Handling their defensive pressure in effect took away from Fenton’s offense.  We just ran our basic man-to-man offense.  One key was at the end of the first quarter when we ran our free throw offense perfectly.  Our free throw offense is a positioning scheme we ran in case we missed a free throw.  We hurt them bad in the last thirty seconds. We would make the first throw and miss the second, rebound, get fouled and repeat. Three times it happen and we scored five points without Fenton having a possession.  Heather had a shooting touch you dream about having in the State Finals stinging the Fenton defense for 23 Points.  Starting the fourth quarter we were up by 17 points and out of respect for Fenton’s 27-0 record we milked the clock.  For the first two minutes we made Fenton think that we were running our offense and just couldn’t get a shot.  Heather and Louise were the great in this “put on” of frustration.  Fenton thought they were playing great defense keeping us on the perimeter, little did they know we just wanted to burn time.  Just a note; in the Class A final earlier, Our Lady of Mercy was behind 21 points in fourth quarter against four-time defending champion Flint Northern and came back to win.  We said no second miracle today.  Plus who wants to blow out the high school you graduated from and your former coach, not me.  Coach Decker saw our strategy and called a timeout to explain to his team what we were doing.  The Fenton players just didn’t understand, but after a second time out they came out strong with in your face, one-on-one pressure.  With the cat out of the bag we executed the Carolina four-corners perfectly.  Heather and Louise were magnificent.  In the middle of the fourth I gave Louise the signal to scores and she made an uncontested lay-up, demonstrating we can score if we want.  We consider the game over; we were now playing the clock…not Fenton.

At Manistee our motto was, The Team Wins – The Team Loses.  Every player is a spoke in the wheel no matter the result.


Coach learned lessons:  Manistee whips Fenton 43-29

By Mick Mcabe
Free Press Sport Writer 12/12/82

When Mike Munro was a student at Fenton High School, he wasn’t good enough to play on the basketball team, so he became a gym rate and learned as much as he could from Coach LeRoy Decker.

Munro showed Fenton, and Decker, just how much he learned when his Manistee girls basketball team routed Fenton, 43-29, Saturday night to win the Class B state championship at Calihan Hall.

“I really have mixed emotions about beating LeRoy,” said Munro.  “The Coach deserves a state championship.”

So does Munro.  His girls played brilliantly offensively and defensively.  Louise Stapleton held All-Stater Maria Reynolds to only two points in the first half and a total of eight, while Heather Hogan scored a season-high 23 points.

“The first thing we had to do was keep Maria from getting the ball,” Munro said.  “We felt if we could keep their guards from initiating their offense, they couldn’t get the ball to Maria.  We did it enough to throw them off stride.”

Manistee (26-l and ranked No. 3) out rebounded Fenton (27-1 and No. 7) 40-20 as Lori Lindeman and Michele Kruty each grabbed 12.

Hogan, first-team All-Stater a year ago, hit eight of 11 shots from the floor for her 23 points.

"We were so up for the game," said the senior guard. "We walked in and everybody was here, and it just hit us."

"Heather has a very quick release," Munro said. "Whenever she catches the ball, it goes from there."

Manistee took a 29-17 halftime lead, as the Chippewas hit nine of 16 free throws while Fenton hit just one of two.  Hogan scored eight of her points in the third quarter when Manistee increased the lead to 38-21.

Manistee began the fourth quarter in a four-corners offense, and there was nothing Fenton could do about it.  "I felt we had enough points to win," Munro said.

"They've got a very talented ball club," said Decker. "They did things right. Their defense nullified everything we tried."

It was the first state title for Manistee in either girls or boys basketball.

"I'm really stunned," Munro said "I can't believe we beat (defending champ) Okemos (in the semifinals), and now this. We just play for the fun of it.   When we read about it in the papers and look at the trophy a little longer, maybe it will sink in."


Chippewas Make Fenton Look Meek, 43-29
By GREG GIELCZYK Sports Editor, Manistee News Advocate 12-13-82

DETROIT — The student apparently earned his lessons well.

“Yeah... too darn well," exclaimed Fenton High girls' basketball coach LeRoy Decker here Saturday night in the wake of its team's 43-29 loss to mighty Manistee High School in the-state Class B championship game at the University of Deroit's Calihan Hall, before 2,079 screaming fans.

As a student at Fenton ... we won't say low long ago ... MHS coach Mike Munro never made the basketball team, but he till managed to gain enough knowledge from Decker to stop his old coach's second bid for a state title.

"I really have mixed emotions about beating LeRoy," the coach of the new Class B state champions admitted while talking with reporters after Saturday light's game. "The Coach deserves a state championship.  It's been 25 years between title shots for him."

Decker coached the boys' basketball team at Fenton for 21 years, and compiled quite an impressive record — and his accomplishments with the Fenton girls are just awesome, five league and district titles and two regional crowns.

But he couldn't match his student, who has successfully upheld the fine Chippewa tradition established during the tenure of Sherri Sundin, who won four consecutive district championships and reached he semifinals in her final season as coach.

"Munro and Company," as the MHS student section took to calling the Chippewa juggernaut that entered the finals having been seriously threatened only once in the tournament — that in Friday night's semifinal win over Okemos, 46-41 — did a little shaking and baking against Fenton, breezing to the state title with hardly a stumble.

The Chippewas fell behind 2-0 for the " first time this season, failing to score after winning the opening tip — as had become their custom — but that was the only time Fenton would lead in the game.

Michele Kruty, the Chippewas' lanky 6-foot-2 forward who can also post up well as a center, dropped in a couple of free throws to tie the score and then Lynette Munson banged in a 12-footer to put the Chips ahead, 4-2.

After that, it was all downhill for the Chippewas who so thoroughly dominated the game that it was somewhat of a bore for those fans who had stayed around for all four finals.

But there was nothing boring to the MHS fans, who had come to expect blowouts while following the Chippewas to a 19-1 regular season mark and now a state championship.

The Chips (who finished 26-1 and ranked No. 3 in Class by the Detroit Free Press) weren't completely faultless — they turned the ball over seven times in the first half — but they were still brilliant on both offense and defense.

Louise Stapleton, who normally sacrifices her scoring ability — she possesses a sweet jumper from 16 feet out — to concentrate on shutting down the other team's top player, handcuffed Fenton's All-Stater, Maria Reynolds, limiting her to just two points in the first 16 minutes of the game and eight on the night.

"Now, tell me Lou isn't one of the best players in the state," coach Munro challenged the downstate writers afterward. "Sometimes, people don't recognize talent."

While the All-Stater was held in check, the Chippewas did have a small — although certainly not serious — problem with Chris Kostelic who slipped around Kruty and Lori Lindeman, the Chips' tall timber, for a couple of lay-ups that kept the score close early.

The score was tied twice, first at 4-4 and then 8-8, before the Chips finally decided to quit fooling around and get serious.

Heather Hogan, the Chips' 5-foot-8 senior guard (Lindeman and Stapleton were the other two seniors on this team), went to work then — popping in a 16-footer that began an eight of 11 night from the field in which she hit from as far out as 25 feet.

She (Heather) also came close to setting a new consecutive free throw standard in state tournament play, but missed on the second attempt of a one-and-one midway through the second period to end with 21 straight free throws in the tournament.

Hogan, who averaged about 16 points a game during the season, also sank seven of 11 free throws to finish with a season-high 23 points to lead the Chips.

"I had no idea I would do that," Hogan said later of her 70 per cent shooting from the field, all from the outside. "Not even during the warm-ups. You can't really tell then, anyway, because there are so many balls in the air."

Munro might have had a little inkling, though.

"Heather has a very quick release," the Chip coach told the reporters later. "Wherever she catches the ball, it goes from there."                                    
The Chippewas' scintillating shooter caught the ball from every side of the free throw circle and didn't hesitate putting it up, which turned out to be a smart decision.

She hammered in one shot from 20 feet and Lindeman made a power move to the basket for two more as the Chips scored the final four points of the first quarter, following another lay-up by Kostelic, to take 17-10 advantage.

After that, Fenton could only play out the string.

Manistee simply crushed-the previously undefeated (27-1 and rated No. 7) Fenton High team like it had so many others this season, which came as no real surprise.

The Chippewas motored into the half with a 29-17 lead after out pointing Fenton in the second eight minutes of the game, 12-7, and coach Munro decided enough was enough.

"We had enough points to win," he said in explaining the Chips' second half strategy, which saw them go into an impressive delay game early in the third period.

Munro also remembered previous digs from critics who had accused the Chippewas of running up scores on weaker opponents, and didn't want to find that happening on such an auspicious occasion as Saturday night.

The Chippewas had reached the semifinals twice before this year, and been defeated both times by the eventual state champion, and this marked the first time in the school's 105-year history that a Manistee basketball team had taken the gold ring.

It was understandable that the coach didn't want there to be any taint on the accomplishment.

Manistee outscored Fenton In the third quarter, 9-4, and was edged in the final eight minutes, 8-5, long after the contested was officially decided.

Stopping Reynolds was the key, Stapleton felt.

"We played really good defense," Lou said afterwards.  "Reynolds was real tough. She is real quick. But, we sagged inside — Kruty was excellent, even standing in the middle.

The other key was maintaining respect for Fenton even though most qualified observers felt that the real state championship game had been played the night before against Okemos.

Lindeman, the Chips' "Aircraft Carrier" underneath the basket, recognized the importance of not taking Fenton lightly after such an emotional victory against the Chiefs the previous night.

"We knew it was going to be a tough game," the Chips' top rebounder (she had 10 in the game as Manistee dominated the boards, 40-20) commented as the crowd began its celebration which would go on into the wee hours of Sunday morning. “Okemos was tough and we beat them, and we were prepared for this game," she continued. "We thought they (Fenton) would be a lot tougher. We just mentally prepared ourselves for this game. And we played a good game, and we won."

GAME NOTES — In addition to the 23 points she scored, Hogan had one steal and cooly directed the team's offense from the point, a position she has grown accustomed to this season.

Kruty finished with eight points, missing several shots inside and hitting just three of 14 field goals on the night, and pulled in nine rebounds. Lindeman hit on two of eight field goal shots and accounted for five points, Munson scored four points and Stapleton had three in addition to dishing out four assists. Kruty had two assists.

Reynolds was just four of 11 from the field, for Fenton Kostelic had six points, Nancy Raby and Judy Greenwald four each, Cindy Weber three and Caryn Edwards two.

For the game, the Chips hit on 16 of 43 field goals (37 percent) and 11 of 21 free throws (52 per cent) while Fenton connected on 14 of 41 field goal shots (34 per cent) and one of two free throws.  "It was a combination of everything", coach Decker remarked later. "We couldn't do what we wanted to offensively.  They (the Chips) have a very talented team."


16-C—THE DETROIT NEWS—Sunday, Dec. 13, 1982 

Girls' basketball
Class B

Manistee claims girls' title in 'B'

Manistee, powered by 23 points from All-Stater Heather Hogan and a stingy defense, defeated previously unbeaten Fenton 43-29 last night in the Class B girls' high school basketball final before a crowd of 2,075 at Caliban Hall.

Manistee led 29-17 at halftime with Hogan scoring 13, mostly from the 15 to 18-foot range.

"My individual stats are not important to me," said Hogan, a 5-foot-8 senior guard. "My teammates are more important."

Lori Lindeman and Michele Kruty had 12 rebounds each as Manistee outrebounded Fenton 40-20.

Manistee held Fenton to four points in a 10-minute stretch of the second half. Louise Stapleton played defense well for Coach Mike Munro's team, holding Fenton's Maria Reynolds, who had been averaging 15 points a game, to just eight.

"I'm really stunned by winning the state," Munro said. "I can't believe we beat Okemos (Friday night) and stopped their streak. It's an honor that few people are able to obtain."

Munro is a graduate of Fenton and played under Fenton's current coach Leroy Decker.

"I'm just sorry I had to take the championship away from him," said Munro, who led his team to its first girls' basketball championship.


Game #1     1-0
9/8  W   53-48  TRAVERSE CITY
The season started at home against the very dangerous Traverse City team. Leading Scorers were Michele Kruty 18, Heather Hogan 13 and Lynette Munson with 10.  Kruty took down 14 rebounds.  Heather dished out 4 assists and 3 each by Lynette and Forrie.

Game #2     2-0
9/9  W  77-22  SCOTTVILLE MCC
Four players in double figures: Kruty 16, Heather & Lori 14 each and Lynette with 13.  Lori led in rebounds with 14 and Kruty had 10.  Louise dished out 10 assists and six steals while Kruty blocked 10 shots. Nine players scored.

Game #3      3-0
9/14  W  62-25  LUDINGTON
Again four player reach double figures: Lynette and Kruty 12 each, Lori 11 and Heather 10.  Kruty had 10 rebounds and 4 blocked shots.  Lynette passed out a team high 5 assists and made 5 steals.

Game #4     4-0
9/20  W   88-19 at KALKASKA (NCC)
First away game, all nine players scored led by Louise with 23 points.  Lynette hit for 19 and Kruty 10.  Everybody grab a rebound led by Lori with 10.  Annette made 7 steals and Lynette 6.  Louise dished out 6 assists and 3 each by Forrie and Lynette.

Game #5     5-0
9/22  W   93-36  T. C. ST. FRANCIS (NCC)
Four players hit for double figures led by Heather with 19.  Lori and Kruty each had 16 and Lynette 10.  Eight players scored and all had a rebound led by Forrie with 6.  Heather set a team record with 13 assists.  Eight players had a least a steal led by Lynette’s 6.

Game #6     6-0
9/24  W   59-40 at REED CITY (NCC)
At Reed City Lynette’s 17 points led 3 players in double figures, Heather had 14 and Lori 11.  Kruty grabbed 22 rebounds and blocked 4 shots.  Heather and Louise passed out 4 assists each.  Heather made 3 steals and Forrie 2.

Game #7     7-0
9/29  W  60-46  BIG RAPIDS (NCC)
Eight of nine players scored led by Kruty’s 23 points, 11 rebounds and 6 blocks. Heather scored 10 pts and made 9 steals. Louise and Heather had 4 assists each. 

Game #8      8-0
10/4  W  68-38  BENZIE CENTRAL (NCC)
Eight of nine players score four in double figures: Louise 15, Heather 14, Lori 13 and Kruty 12.  Kruty grabbed 13 rebounds and Louise 10 for their double doubles.  Lori and Louise also had 3 steals each. 

Game #9      9-0
10/6  W  72-30  CHIPPEWA HILLS (NCC)
Three in double figures as eight of nine players scored.  Lynette 16, Kruty 14 and Heather 10.  Kruty had a double double grabbing 10 rebounds and Lori led the team with 11.  Annette and Louise made 5 steals each.  Lynette, Louise and Heather each passed out 4 assists.

Game #10      10-0
10/11  W   90-29 at CADILLAC (NCC)
At Cadillac Lori had a great double double with a career high 29 points to go with 13 rebounds.  All nine players scored.  Three others in double figures were Lynette 16, and Louise and Heather 12 each.  Kruty and Lori blocked 3 shots each.  Louise had 8 steals and 5 assists.  Heather also had 5 assists.

Game #11     11-0
10/13  W  72-31 at SCOTTVILLE MCC
Lynette’s 18 points led three Chippewas in double figures, Heather 17 and Kruty scored 12 to go along with her 14 rebounds.  Lori took down 13 rebounds as each player grabbed at least one board.  Forrie and Louise made 5 steals each.  Heather dished out 7 assists.

Game #12    12-0
10/18  W  85-34  KALKASKA (NCC)
Two with 20+ points led by Lori’s 22 and 11 rebounds. Kruty’s scored 20 and  Heather had 16 points while Louise scored 11 to go with her 7 steals.  Kruty blocked 4 shots and Lynette passed out 7 assists.


Game #13    13-0
10/20  W  75-19 at T.C. ST. FRANCIS (NCC)
Five players in double figures as Lori sat out with an injury.  Kruty led the team with 16 points, Lynette 14, sophomores Jana and Forrie hit for 12 each and Louise 11 points to go with her 4 assists.  Jana and Kruty led the team with 6 rebounds each.  Annette stole the ball 8 times to lead the team.

Game #14     14-0
10/25  W  63-37  REED CITY (NCC)
Kruty had 26 point 15 rebound double double.  Lynette scored 10 and Lori pulled down 10 rebounds.  Louise passed out 9 assists while Kruty blocked 4 shots.  Only seven players played because of injury and all scored and had a least one rebound.

Game #15     15-0
10/27  W  50-37 at LUDINGTON
Kruty’s double double led the team, 16 pts and 10 rebounds.  Lori scored 13 and Heather 10.  Heather led the team with 4 assists and Louise made 5 steals.

Game #16       16-0
11/1  W  56-46 at BIG RAPIDS (NCC)
Heather led the team in scoring with 17 points, Lynette 16 points and Kruty had a double double with 10 points and 14 rebounds.  Louise dished out 6 assists along with 5 steals while Kruty blocked eight shots.

Game #17       17-0
11/3  W  54-46 at BENZIE CENTRAL (NCC)
Heather led the team with 17 points and Kruty contributed 12.  Lori led the team in rebounds with 11.  Louise made 8 assists to go with 3 steals. Kruty also had 3 steals.
Game #18       18-0
11/10  W  76-49 at CHIPPEWA HILLS (NCC)
Kruty’s double double of 19 points and 16 rebounds led the Chipppewas.  Heather hit for 17 points and Lori grabbed 10 rebounds.  Louise passed out 7 assists.  Lori and Louise had 4 steals each as Kruty bocked 3 shots.

Game #19       19-0
11/12  W  88-32  CADILLAC (NCC)
Five players in double figures led by Lori’s double double of 22 points and 12 rebounds. Forrie and Kruty had 15 points each, Heather 12 and Lynette 10.  Heather’s completed her double double with 10 assists.  Heather 8 steals completed a great game.  Annnette and Heather also had 8 rebounds each.  Heather was very close to a Quad double 12-8-10-8.

Game #20        19-1
11/15  L  40-43 at TRAVERSE CITY (ot)
The Chippewas suffered their only loss of the season and it took a buzzers shot to force overtime.  Louise led the team with 10 points and Kruty in rebounds with 10.  Kruty blocked 4 shots while Heather and Lynette passed out 4 assists each.  Louise made 3 steals.  A season high 20 turnovers against a very strong team was the difference.


Game #21        20-1
11/19  W  78-27  (N) CHIHPPEWA HILLS-1
Michelle Garrish, Kelly Minster, Jodie Heiss, Laurie Bigalke, Suzy Wilkosz and Hope Sonnenberg were brought up from the JayVees.  All saw action in the District opener. Nine players scored, five in double figures.  Kruty 17 points, Heather 14, Lori 12, Louise 11, Lynette 10.  Also scoring were, Forrie 6, Annette 5, Jana 2 and Laurie Bigalke 1.  Ten players grabbed a rebound led by Lori with 9.  Louise had 8 assists and 6 steals.

Game #22        21-1
11/22  W  38-26 (N) LUDINGTON-2
Held off biggest rival Ludington in a very low scoring game.  Lori had 12 points and Kruty 10.  Heather and Louise scored 8 each.

                                                                                                                                                     MHSAA Regional @ Houghton Lake

Game #23       22-1
12/3  W  78-34 (N) GAYLORD-3
Eleven players scored led by Kruty’s 31 points.  Others scoring: Heather 10, Lynette 8, 6 each Forrie and Annette, Louise and Lori 4 each, 3 for Jana and 2 each for Suzy, Laurie and Kelly.
Game #24        23-1
In the Regional Championship game Kruty scored 19 and Heather 10 to led the team to their third straight Regional Title.

MHSAA Quarterfinals @ Alma

Game #25        24-1
12/8  W  61-35  (N) FRANKENMUTH-5
Kruty and Heather led the team is scoring with 21 and 16 points respectively earn a second straight trip to the Final-Four.

MHSAA Semi-Finals @ Ferndale

Game #26      25-1
12/10  W 46-41  (N) OKEMOS-6
A rematch of last years Semi-Final that the Chippewas lost by 20 pts.  An incredible game (see article below) against the defending State Champions on a 51 game winning streak.  The were being led by Miss Basketball Sue Tucker and All-State Kathy Barron.  Kruty led the team in scoring with 21 points.  Heather scored 16 points hitting clutch free throws down the stretch.
MHSAA Finals @ University of Detroit

Game #27     26-1
12/11 W  43-29  (N) FENTON-7
Playing the undefeated team from my hometown was very emotional.  Heather Hogan earned Prep Player of Week for her performance in the Finals.  See articles (Fenton game) above and below (Okemos game).

1-MHSAA District Semi-Finals
2-MHSAA District Finals
3-MHSAA Regional Semi-Finals
4-MHSAA Regional Finals
5-MHSAA Quarterfinals
6-MHSAA State Semi-Finals
7-MHSAA State Finals


Tip Off vs Okemos 1982 State Sem-Final.


Many people consider this match up to be the real Championship game.  Okemos was tournament tested, undefeated defending State Champion and on a fifty-one game winning streak.  They had beaten us by twenty points the year before in the Semi-Finals and they were the only team that matched up with us size wise.  We had more overall talent but they had two great stars. 

The match ups were Louise Stapleton vs Kathy Barron, Lori Lindeman vs Miss Basketball and All-American Sue Tucker, Michele Kruty vs Celeste Waldmiller, Heather Hogan vs Hope Helmbrecht and Lynette Munson vs Chris Carvey. 

The defensive scheme was to keep the ball out of Barron and Tuckers hands as much as possible.  Lynette was the key.  She was assigned to whom we consider the lease risk Okemos player, so when either Barron or Tucker had the ball, she would leave her player and double-team them until they gave the ball up.  This meant that Kruty and Heather had to cover three people during that time.  After either Barron or Tucker gave up the ball, Lynette had to scramble back and find the most open person to cover.  She did this perfectly all night.  The defensive plan was the major factor in controlling the Okemos scoring duo of All-State Kathy Barron and All-American (Miss Basketball) Sue Tucker.  Individually Louise and Lori did a magnificent one-on-one defensive job on Barron and Tucker.  We needed to force the other Okemos players to beat us.  

Offensively we ran a basic man offense at the same time trying to get Kruty the ball in a mismatch.  If a tall player picked her up she stayed outside and take them off the dribble, if a smaller player guarded her, we try to post her up.  One key adjustment in fourth quarter gave us four quick points.  We posted Kruty up out of out basic offense and she made two easy baskets inside.  The season work we did on executing the jump-ball situation proved to be very crucial.  Our positioning and technique allows us control all thirteen jump balls.  We took the last shot in all four quarters and had the first possessing in each quarter. In the final minutes of the game Okemos had to foul and Heather responded perfectly.  In the last three minutes she was eight for eight from the free throw line (all one and ones) and finished the game ten for ten at the stripe.

The players completely understood the game plan and executed it perfectly against a great team.  The Chippewas always were low in egos and high in team concept.


Defeats Okemos, 46-41

Chippewas Nab Berth in Class B Finals

By GREG GIELCZYK Sports Editor

FERNDALE — The third time around was the charm for the High School girls' basketball team here last night in the Class B State Semi-finals.

The Chip girls have been to the semi's three times, once with Sherrie Sundin, but have never reached the finals.

Beaten a year ago by the Okemos Chiefs when Sue Tucker almost single-handedly took control of the game in the second half, the mighty Chippewas — those classy gals of the hardwoods — showed a little of the northern Michigan power and tiptoed into the state championship round with a 46-41 triumph, using more than one hand — or even two.

This one was a team effort, and a class act to boot.

“I think having so many leaders — a finely tuned team working together — was the difference tonight” a delirious MHS coach Mike Munro gushed afterward.

"Heather Hogan and Lou Stapleton looked to the bench to get directions ... Are we O.K., are we running the offense right?... and did the job all night," Munro

"We ran a plan tonight that we hadn’t run all year — our wing post where Michelle Kruty passes into the corner and then posts up — we just haven't done that."

The Chippewas did it last night and worked it to near perfection, as "The Kru" was often free for devastating jump shots from around the free throw circle.

She had three shots blocked by Celeste Waldmiller, but also put on two awesome power moves to the basket and popped in a couple of four-footers right over Waldmiller's head that helped unseat the defending champs.

And she made one block on Okemos' top player. Sue Tucker, whom many qualified observers believed is the best player in the state, in the second half that silenced the boisterous Okemos crowd for a brief moment and put a definite dent in Tucker's cool.

Kruty finished with 19 points and eight rebounds, and she also had two key steals in a tremendous overall performance.

But it was the ice of Heather Hogan at the free throw line, under tremendous pressure with the game on the line, that was the clencher.

Hogan cooly sank eight straight tosses in the fourth quarter, the first two coming with 3:17 remaining in the game to put the Chips in the lead, 39-35. their biggest lead since early in the first quarter.

"Were there players out there or were there players out there?" Munro asked later. "Hogan not missing a free throw — what can you say about that?"

Lori Lindeman denied Tucker the good shot limiting her to just 13 points — 11 under her season's average — and cleared down four clutch rebounds.

"Where does that put Lori Lindeman in this game?" coach Munro wanted to know.

It puts her right up there with the best in the state, coach.

Lou Stapleton scored just five points, but played her usual tenacious game on defense and came up with three steals while handing out four assists.

Floor general Heather Hogan contributed 16 points on her own and accounted for 16 more with eight crisp passes, good for field goals by her teammates.

Destroying the Okemos' man to man defense, Hogan often found either Stapleton or Lindeman clear on the side, or Kruty cruising in the middle for quick buckets.

Munro knew before the game started that this one would go down to the wire, and he was right as the two teams locked up in one whale of a scrap and each refused to surrender an inch.

The Chippewas scored first in their usual custom, after winning the opening tip, and then established a five-point margin, 6-1.

Stapleton scrapped for a steal, but the Chips missed the chance to convert and go up by seven and Okemos came back to tie the score at 9-9 with 0:53 left in the first period.

Kruty hammered in a 12-footer to give Manistee an 11-9 edge to take into the second period, in which Okemos got the upper hand with a 12-10 edge for a 21-21 halftime tie.

Okemos grabbed a 21 -19 lead, but Hogan slid inside for a shot off the glass that tied it again, and then controlled a jump ball with five seconds left — but the Chips missed the shot just before the buzzer.

"I just didn't want us to make two mistakes in a row that would cost us four points in such a tight ball game," coach Munro said later.

Fortunately the Chippewas held their cool and played like the North Central Champions that they are, much to the Chiefs chagrin.

The score was still tied at end of the third quarter, 31-31 as both teams scored 10 points in those eight minutes, with Lindeman getting the last two for Manistee when she muscled underneath for a lay-up.

Again, the Chips had a chance to make the last shot of the period when some good hustle on defense resulted in a steal by Kruty with 16 seconds left —but again it went awry.

But those free throws by Hogan in the last three minutes enabled the Chippewas to out score the Chiefs 15-10 in the last eight minutes, and take a 25-1 tonight's state championship game against Fenton, who defeated St Joseph, 36-32, in the first game last night.

The championship game will be played at the University of Detroit s Calihan Hall at 7:30 tonight.

Okemos ended the season 25-1, and saw its consecutive game-winning streak halted at 51 by the Chippewas.If anyone in Manistee has nothing else to do this morning, they might try a drive down to Defeat to watch the Lady Chippewas go for the state title.


Defending champ Okemos falls, 46-41

Bt Deb Pozega Pierce
Staff Writer Lansing State Journal, Saturday December 11, 1982

FERNDALE – Okemos High’s drive to defend its state Class B girls’ basketball title ended Friday, shot down by a barrage of fourth-quarter free throws and a Manistee defense tailor-made to close down the Chieftain sharpshooters.

It ended, 46-41 and shattered a 51 game winning streak before about 950 fans in the Ferndale High gymnasium.

THAT MEANS Coach Mike Munro’s Chippewas (25-1) head into championship game today at &30 p.m. at the University of Detroit Calihan Hall against Fenton (27-0) which defeated St. Joseph, 36-32, in the other semifinal game Friday.  The 51 victories in a row by Okemos is the most ever by any team in Class B in the state.

But Okemos coach Ron Mott, whose Chieftains knocked Manistee of the title chase in the semifinals last year, was the first to say the Chippewas earned it.

“Mike Munro utilized his team, probably, than I did," Mott said afterward in a tearful Okemos locker room.  "He took advantage of everything he could in the ballgame. I think they played excellent defense on us; very tight and physical.  And they made the free throws when they had to."

AND THEY had plenty of chances to, after gaining the bonus situation with 4:56 still showing in the third period. Manistee All-Stater Heather Hogan connected on both halves of her one-and-one then, and finished by going eight-for-eight from the stripe in the fourth quarter, all on bonus chances. She finished with 16 points, 10 from the line.

Mott, though, said it wasn't just the free throws that stopped Okemos.  Manistee just plain played better.

"I THINK it was a matter of the whole game plan.  It just took advantage of us," he said. "People thought our team played badly; I thought it was that their team played so well. They took advantage of their strengths. We tried to ours, but... ."

But Manistee, it turned out, had too many strengths to take advantage of.  Michele Kruty, a powerful 6-foot junior, was unstoppable at the baseline and finished with 19 points.  She and Hogan were the only players to score in the crucial third quarter.

AND MUNRO also heaped praise on star defensive player Louise Stapleton, who he said held Kathy Barron in check as well as anybody ever has.

"Barron is tough," Munro said "Barron is the head of that club. We knew we had to stop her, and that was Lou's job.

"Heather shows her quality.  Ten in a row; is that good? And the big kid (Kruty), she's tough."

TOUGH ENOUGH, as it turned out, to muscle in for the points that put the Chippewas ahead for good with about four minutes left in the game.  Okemos senior Celeste Waldmiller had tied the game for the 14th time when she tossed in an offensive rebound to make it 35-all.  But Kruty forced her way inside, as she had been doing all game, to make it 37-35.

Hogan stepped to the line with 3:17 remaining to start her barrage, sank two more 17 seconds later and Okemos was never closer than four points from then on.

“The ultimate is a state champions,” Mott said, “and we are extremely disappointed.  But on this particular night, Manistee was just there.  They executed their offense better than we did.

OKEMOS'  OFFENSE was not held entirely in check, though, despite Manistee’s physical match up.  Sue Tucker threw in 13 points, 10 on the jump shots she uses so effectively, and Waldmiller finished with 10 points and 8 rebounds.

Okemos rallied from a 6-1 deficit early in the first quarter to trail by two, 11-9, by the end of the period.  The score was at halftime and at the end of the third, setting the stage for the decisive fourth period.Okemos did win the battle of the boards, 26-21, but Manistee grabbed six caroms to Okemos’ four in the final quarter, and almost all were defensive, keeping the Chieftains away from their second shots.


The Locker Room

Chippewa Girls Show Great Poise, Maturity

By GREG GIELCZYK Sports Editor

DETROIT — The one thing you noticed right away was how calmly the Manistee High School girls' basketball players took Saturday night's state championship game, 43-29, over Fenton.

No tears of joy. It was all business as usual for these girls, as it has been all season long as they marched to the first State Basketball Title in the school's 105-year history.

But, then, that wasn't so surprising really when you consider that the major impetus that coach Mike Munro — a graduate of Fenton High School — tried to instill in his players was a poise and maturity both on and off the court.

And he certainly succeeded in that endeavor as well, with the Chippewas closing out the regular season with a 19-1 record and winning the state championship to finish 26-1 overall.

The ratings had the Chips No. 3, but that was proven a tad on the conservative side in the state championship game as Manistee simply overwhelmed Fenton.

It was almost anti-climactic after Friday night's 46-41 decision over defending champion Okemos, the team that had eliminated the Chips in the semifinals a year ago in Southfield.

Everyone said that was really the state championship game and, as it turned out, that was a pretty accurate assessment of the situation.

But the coach wasn't about to simply dismiss Fenton without any regard.

After all, Fenton had produced a 27-0 record heading into the finals and had an All-State player in Maria Reynolds who was quick as a cat, and had the eyes to match.

Still, the Chippewas encountered rather light resistance once they began to put the clamps on Fenton as Louise Stapleton, the team's defensive standout, checked Reynolds on just eight points and took her out of the Fenton offense.

Heather Hogan did the rest, hitting on 70 per cent of her field goal attempts from the outside — canning one from at least 25 feet away from the basket — and scoring 23 points.

The fact that they had won the state championship didn't really begin to sink in until the Chippewas it-turned home yesterday afternoon, greeted by a huge caravan of cars from the well-wishers who had stayed home to listen to the game over WMTE/WRRK — and read about it in today's paper.

By the time the caravan — which included every kind of vehicle imaginable — turned the corner onto River Street, it snaked all the way back to M-55.

Once the Chips reached the school, where the fans filled the gymnasium to overflowing and television station 9&10 was waiting with a film crew to record the momentous occasion, and entered the gym they began the understand what they had achieved.

Then the tears began to come.

Coach Sherrie Sundin, who began the tradition during her tenure as MHS mentor with four straight district titles and the first trip to the state semifinals (where the Chips also lost to the state champion), had to be crying, too.

It was a grand moment.

Manistee has had state champions before, in football when the title was decided by a vote of sportswriters and broadcasters as well as coaches and it was purely conjecture (that was in the 1950s), but there will be few times the Chips will have the kind of classy and skilled group the girls had this year.

"I think they (the girls) represented you well," coach Munro told the audience at the pep assembly yesterday afternoon. "I think the nicest comment I got during the tournament was from the referees, who told me that “Your players were ladies out there.”

"And I think that was just as tremendous a compliment as you, can give anyone."

Coach Munro was also impressed with the fan support for the tournaments, which reached its peak at the finals as the spectators turned out in force.

The Manistee crowd joined the Leland crowd — another team from the "unimpressive" (according to downstate writers’ true feelings) north — In gathering around the team after the championship game.

All the others obeyed the public address announcer’s pleas to “Please stay off the court,” and it was a scene that sent chills up your spine.

It was a moment that should last forever in our memories,

And, as we think back to the 1982 season, we can relive with great pride the accomplishment of a great group of young girls who proved that the experts aren't always right.Manistee High Girls — State Champs. Don't you love it?


MHS girls Class B champ

Manistee welcomes its State Champions home

Well-wishers lined their cars on both sides of US-31 from the M-55 junction north of Manistee to south of the Manistee River Bridge to greet the Manistee High School Girls Varsity Basketball Team as they returned home as the 1982 Class B State Champions Sunday afternoon.

The girls' victory over Fenton in Detroit Saturday evening was celebrated at Manistee High School with an assembly following the girls' triumphant entrance into the city. WMTE/WRRK radio announcer Pete Nezki served as master of ceremonies for the program introducing speakers Ron Cowdan, Manistee High School Principal; Coach Mike Munro; Team Tri-Captains Lori Lindeman, Heather Hogan, and Louise Stapleton; and School Superintendent Thomas Culbert, who declared a holiday for Manistee High School Students on Monday in honor of the Girls Varsity Basketball Team's winning of the state championship.Team members include Michele Kruty, Lynette Munson, Annette Martz, Forrie Sovereign, Jana Mitchell, Wendy Kaap, Laurie Bigalke, Suzy Wilkosz, Jodi Heiss, Hope Sonnenberg, Michelle Garrish, and Kelly Minster. Their coach is teacher Mike Munro.



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