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This web site is dedicate to the Varsity Athletes from 1980 to 1994 that I was so blessed to have been associated with.  Also, I was very fortunate to be associated with several fine assistant coaches along with many others who directly contributed to programs success.

After three years of mentoring the Junior Varsity program I was forutunate to be selected to follow Sherry Sundin at the Varstiy level.  Below are some of the accomplishments the fifteen Varsity Team I was lucky enough to coach.

Year Overall Regular
 NCC  Home Away Neutral Non-NCC MHSAA
1994 23-3  18-212-0  1st  10-013-3   4-1   6-2  5-1
1993 24-2  19-112-0  1st  13-011-2   2-1   7-1  5-1
1992 20-3  17-211-0  1st  10-110-2   2-1   6-2  3-1
1991 18-3  18-212-0  1st   8-110-2   0-1   6-2  0-1
1990 20-3  18-2  10-0  1st  10-110-2   1-1   8-2  2-1

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