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Special Tribute goes out to these “Extraordinary People” because they all made significant contributions to the success of Manistee Girls’ Basketball:

First and foremost - Thanks to the Parents for the tremendous support they gave their daughters and me.  Special thanks to:  Emel Abla, Phyllis and Ron Cowden, Dan and Judy Duchon, Hope and John Hogan, Bob and Laura Horvat, Rhea, Ben and Danny Howells, Leonard and Nancy Huffman, Caroline and Bob McCary, Kay and Jud Mitchell, Lois and Larry Sadler, Rose and Larry Sedler, Phoebe Stapleton, Jennifer and Rex Toelle, and Mr and Mrs Norm Ware.

Thanks to Jim Anderson, Barb Bartosiewicz, Jerry Brown, Tammy Jones, Kenn Kott, Shelly (Schultz) Kott, Dave Peterson, Mike Schubert, Sherri Sundin, Kevin Taylor and Mike Welsh – Freshmen, Junior Varsity and Assistant Coaches.  I would like to note that Barb Bartosiewicz is solely responsible for the collection and dissemination of program and player information, which gave both, great statewide notoriety.  Her efforts lead to:  Expanding BCAM Membership to Girls Coaches (Which gave Girls’ Coaches a voice in Michigan HS Basketball.  Therefore, Girls Coaches and Players received their due recognition.)  She help establish: The First Statewide Team Rankings, Academic All-State, Academic Team All-State, Coaches All-State Teams, Girls All-Star Game and Miss Basketball.  

Thanks to Frank Balcer, Mark Carlson, Greg Gielczck, Ken Grabowski, Mick McCabe, Pete Nezki, Marty Schlafley, and Pat Williams; The Manistee High School Administration, especially Tom Culbert and Ron Cowden.  And of course, Thanks to Nancy Guenthardt.

Thanks to the Referees who gave their best effort to administer our games and the Bus Drivers who provided us safe travel.  Especially Referees Don Peck and Dave Nemecek (pictured to the right).

This Thanks to is for the special people that always let us know they were watching us.  Mr and Mrs Walt Halstead, Don Nelson and Mary Jane Daniels and "Boys at the Door", Beta Sweetnam and Ellen Ramsdell.  Thanks to Donny who always kept the floor clean.  Please if I have omited a special person or mis-spelled a name...please email me in the guestbooks.  It wouldn't my first mistake in the site.                                               

Thanks for the years Max Carey was with us.  A Great Coach (FreeSoil), a Great Fan and a Great Friend. 

A Special Thanks to Tom Hursey for allowing me to be a part of the great BCAM organization.  His efforts for the past umpteen years has been the driving force in Michigan Boys’ and Girls’ Basketball…his efforts will never be totally realized and appreciated…only by a few.  I can never show enough appreciation for what he did for Girls’ Basketball and me.

Thanks to all the coaches and teams that the spent money and time to travel to Manistee to play in our summer tournaments.  You made us stronger and better.

Thanks to the Cadillac and Traverse City TV stations for giving us great coverage and for the interviews of our outstanding players.

Thanks to Lloyd Wallace of the Ludington Daily News (http://www.ludingtondailynews.com/ lwallace@ludingtondailynews.com), Jeff Peek (http://www.record-eagle.com/ jpeek@record-eagle.com) and Dennis Chase (dchase@record-eagle.com) of the Traverse City Record Eagle for their coverage, and for supporting our players for post season honors.

Thanks to our many loyal fans that filled our stands game after game, year after year.  You enriched the lives of everyone associated with the program.

Thanks to the many students who helped us in practice.

Thanks to all the managers, video (camera people), statisticians and water girls who did the little things that make our program first class.

Thanks to all the parents and others that contributed time and money to transport players to summer camps and scrimmages.

Thanks to the Manistee High School Band for their pre-game performances, you took game nights to a higher level.

Thanks to Jerry Lewis, your were the team’s official photographer and you always did a great job.

Thanks to all the Manistee High School teachers for the flexibility when our team had to leave early on a school day.

Thanks to all the Junior High and Elementary Coaches for sacrificing their free time to help develop the players during their younger years.  Your contributions were immeasurable.

Thanks to Dave Masengarb for your many contributions: player development, counsel and refereeing.

Thanks to Tom Atkinson where I found guidance, counsel and encouragement for all circumstances.

Thanks to Hubie Brown for teaching me all about the game, not just X’s and O’s but, everything about coaching and what it is to be a coach. 

Thanks to the following individuals who had a tremendous impact on my coaching development:  Walt Schneider, Marcy Weston, Fred Thomann, Bob Blhom and Bob Taylor.  Your support and guidance was very important to me.

A Special Thanks to Dick Kishpaugh and Ron Pesch .  Dick, for many, many years put tremendous time and effort in compiling Michigan high school basketball records for boys and girls.  That yeomen job has been taken on by Ron Pesch (  Click on for Ron Pesch's Website  )

A Special Thanks to Bob and Wendy Blohm.  They housed my group of 21, players, coaches and managers the night before the Semi-Finals.  You made a BIG difference.

Thanks to Third Coast Printing for all their support.

Thanks to Gary Bentley a very special friend.

I would like to list the great company of coaches I was associated with but not only would the list be very long, I would surely leave someone out causing very hurt feelings.  So I will mention just the three conference coaches that I shared many fond memories with, Joyce Oatley, Garry Ruttle and Lynn Walker.  We were not only friends but also fierce rivals and competitors.  A special Thanks to you three.

Of course it is inevitable that I will miss some important people, please excuse any of my omissionsand help me correct the errors.


"Character is doing the right thing when nobody is looking." Congressman J.C. Watts

Manistee Players always showed class as they abided to the following:

Definition of Decorum:  Propriety and becomingness of language, dress, and conduct; suitableness; dignity; a fitting act.

1.   The Head Coach will be at his discretion when addressing the officials or any other game management personnel. Players and all other team personnel will not make any negative remarks to the officials or other game management personnel.

2.   Coaches, players and other team personnel will follow the Bench Decorum rule as outlined in the National Federation Rules for basketball.

3.   Enthusiasm is a big key to success and winning, coaches and players on the bench (reserves and starters) are expected to give their fair share of support to the players on the court.

4.   When a player is replaced in the game, all other team members (coaches and players) will stand and applaud the player’s efforts until the replaced player reaches the bench area.

5.   When a player is replaced, she will sit next to the coach for appraisal and instructions.

6.   All players not in the game will give total concentration towards the happenings on the court.

a.   Watch how your primary and secondary positions are being played.

b.   Watch our defense and offense.

c.   Watch our opponent's offense and defense.

d.   Watch individual opponents with particular concentration to a player you may be assigned to guard or beat.

e.   All players are to have had familiarized themselves with the team's game plan and with the opponent's features.    i.e.  players, pet plays, offense, defense, etc. Also, with our game plan and assignments.

7.   Time Outs:

a.   Players who are in the game will run off the court and sit on the bench.

b.   Players who are not in the game will stand and form a semi-circle around the coach facing the players who are sitting.   Total concentration will be given to what is being said by the coach and other communications,

c.   Towels and water will be readied by managers or team members. "Give me your eyes" said by the coach, means full attention to the matters at hand.

8.   Assistant Coach:

a.   Will be in check with the current foul situation of both teams.

b.   Will keep track of the opponent’s offense or defense as assigned by the head coach.

c.   Will keep track of the success of inbound plays and offense execution.

d.   Will contact radio and TV stations giving the team score, record and leading scorer(s), etc.

9.   Managers are responsible to:

a.   The coach only.

b.   Will have ready towels and water for team members AND Referees.

c.   Will keep game statistics and have the totals accumulated at the end of the game for any news media.


As an athlete wearing the Chippewa Blue and Gold, you represent the best Manistee has to offer. You have high visibility and therefore, you are under constant scrutiny by the public, and the public is a tough critic.  Remember, it is easier to find fault than give credit.  You not only represent your school but also your city, family and high school basketball - you are ambassadors of high school sports.  A motto to live by could be like this - "Never do anything which would embarrass your team, family, school, teammates or yourself."



1.   Players on the bench will follow the "Chippewa Bench Decorum" outline.

2.   Player's conduct before, during and after a game will be one of class, poise and dignity.

3.   Players will show respect towards the officials, opponents (players and coaches) and game itself at all times.

4.   Players will eliminate negative emotions.

5.   Players will give a quick glance towards the bench (coach) after a dead ball for possible instructions.  For Team Captains this is extremely important.

6.   When a Time Out is called by the bench - ALL players will quickly call for a time out – both verbal and by signaling with their hands.

a.   If the opponents score three straight baskets - check with the bench – we may call a time out.

b.   During a close game and under two minutes and under one minute – check with the bench - we may call a time out.

c.   Near the end of each game Captains and the team will constantly be informed of how many time outs both teams have remaining.   Captains and ball-handlers will, at times, be given permission to call time outs on their own.

d.   See "Time Outs" in "Chippewa Bench Decorum."

7.   When there is a halt in play, the ball will be given to the nearest official with a soft toss.

8.   When receiving the ball from the officials, ALWAYS say "Thank You."  Be polite at all times.

9.   Know at all times what offense we are running and what defense we are in.

10. Be intense and all business when playing.  Play to have fun – but play to win.

11. Everyone is responsible for the motivation and morale on the floor (and on the bench).

12. If there is a mistake in play – respond immediately so not to make a bigger mistake. How the team and the individuals respond to a mistake often means the difference between victory and defeat.

13. Give no alibis or excuses concerning play on the court.

14. Report all problems with officials or opponents concerning inconsistencies or conduct at the first appropriate time to the coach.

15. Always keep your emotions under control when an official makes a call that goes the other way.

16. Never play dirty or talk dirty to opponent.

17. Always keep your emotions under control when an opponent is mouthy, dirty or out of control.

18. Be Proud of being a Chippewa – and play that way.

19. Remember players don't win – the TEAM does.

20. Fouling Out...when a player fouls out, she will go to each player on the court and give them support to keep the game in our favor.  She will then run to the bench.

21. When a player is replaced on the court, she must tell her replacement who she was guarding and what defense we are in.  Also, the player being replaced should make some kind of positive recognition.

22. When a player is tired, she should raise her hand and she will be immediately taken out.  When she is rested, she will be put back in.  If the coaching staff notices a player is tired before she notifies the bench, she will be immediately taken out.  Even when she is rested, she may not be put right back in.



Feel free to email me at  mikemunro@mikemunro.net


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